Amsterdam Poppers small

Amsterdam Poppers Small 10ml

The spirit of Amsterdam is alive in this robust and stimulating liquid incense. Pop the top and get transported to the Netherlands, then, prepare for a night of unadulterated desire that is enhanced by one of the most potent room odorants available.

Amsterdam Poppers medium

Amsterdam Poppers Medium 15ml

Every couple needs an Amsterdam Poppers in the bedroom! It has been one of the most popular aromas for men around the world. Experience what many already have with the Amsterdam liquid aroma.

Amsterdam Poppers big

Amsterdam Poppers Big 30ml

You are looking for liquid incense that takes you away but doesn′t require a passport? Check out Amsterdam. Inspired by the most liberal city in the world, you might be inspired to take things to a whole new level.

Amsterdam Poppers

The Amsterdam Poppers is an aroma with a pleasant effect and strong aroma, that will also gives you a comforting relaxation. Amsterdam has it's name from the most popular sexcity of the world. Because of his special aroma is the big bottle of Amsterdam the top-selling product. The released scent gives you a sexual highlight from a special intensity! This aroma in this Poppers make sure that you will never ever forget Amsterdam. Amsterdam poppers are strong and come on quick with a nice rush but, unfortunately there is the potential for the ″headache effect″ if you overdo it with this one. It does happen so definitely use caution if you haven′t used Amsterdam poppers before. Aside from that though, they have a nice lasting effect and one that bears repeating for sure.
The Amsterdam Poppers contains a new and stronger formula where almost no other product can match. The Amsterdam Poppers is extra powerful, strong and has no side effects . This combined with the very cheap price, Amsterdam poppers aroma leathercleaners 30ml highly recommended!

Amsterdam Special
What is Poppers ?

Poppers give you the feeling of being ″high″, you feel relaxed and a little dizzy. Poppers widen the blood vessels, causing the blood pressure to decrease. You experience a ″warm feeling″ in the head, which sometimes makes you feel like your head will explode. The effect is very intense and brief, less than a minute. There are also numerous off brands as well. Sold in small glass bottles, they are often misused as inhalants by the consumer, who removes the cap and places the bottle to his/her nose and inhales the vapors. The effect is immediate and pleasurable to most people (though some people report headaches). In some sexbars, -saunas or -clubs the bottles are left opened to fill the room with the odour and effect.
IMPORTANT: Store your bottles cold and dark! These products are sold as aromas and for no other use. Please follow the directions for use carefully. Do not inhale the content directly from the bottle. Remove the cap, place the bottle on a level surface and allow the aroma to develop in the room.

Amsterdam Poppers